Liquid Screen Protector

NanoFixIt Titanium is the No. 1 liquid screen protector that will fit any device or model. The content of NanoFixIt Titanium is enough to coat several different devices.

NanoFixIt 3in1 is a protective package for 2 phones and 1 tablet, so that you don’t have to worry about scratches from everyday wear and tear.

NanoFixIt ONE is a one-time application that will fit any phone or tablet model and protect your favorite device for up to 2 years.

About Nanofixit

In close collaboration with top nanotechnology labs around the world we are continiously developing new and innovative products within the nano coating space. The first retail product we have introduced is a liquid screen protector that is not only ultra scratch resistant but also anti-bacterial, anti-UV radiation, water repellent and truly invisible. NanoFixIt Titanium is a liquid screen protector for smartphones, touch screens, cameras, and any other glass surface in electronic devices.


NanoFixIt is developing and producing unique and patented nanotechnology coatings for the regular consumer, which until now have mostly been used by the industry. The technology behind has been perfected over several years of experimentation within the nanotechnology Industry.


Early 2014 NanoFixIt decided to “super concentrate” and further improve the existing nano coatings, thereby creating a specialized product for protecting electronic devices.


The NanoFixIt liquid screen protectors offer the best value proposition for our customers compared to traditional high-end screen protectors made from tempered glass or plastic.

Amazing Features

It is almost like magic! Working on a scale 100.000 times smaller than a human hair and creating ultra strong surfaces 200 times thinner than that same strain of hair is almost incomprehensible. And yet this technology is already out there being incorporated into a myriad of products and applications. Below are some of NanoFixIt amazing features:

9H Hardness

NanoFixIt liquid screen protectors have been certified with 9H hardness by Department of Science and Technology in the Philippines. This is the hardness level just before diamond and means that keys and coins in your pocket won’t scratch your screen.

Camera quality

Applying NanoFixIt liquid screen protector to your camera lens will increase the quality of the photos you take. The nano particles create a much smoother lens surface ensuring that the light travels in a straight line towards the sensor instead of being shattered by micro holes in the glass surface. We call this the NanoFixIt ‘Pixel Enhancement Effect’.

Screen Clarity

The tiny nanoparticles make the glass surface smoother; allowing the light to travel in a straighter line instead of being shattered in all directions. This makes the colors appear much brighter and clearer than before.

Cellphone Radiation

The liquid screen protector can help reduce the cell phone radiation being emitted towards your head. A test carried out by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company (, conclusively verifies the reduction in cell radiation.









Benefits of NANOFIXIT

On top of enjoying all the above features, through NANOFIXIT, you will also get the following benefits:

  • 2 years protection
  • Water and smudge repellent
  • Antibacterial
  • Eco friendly

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